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In November 18, 2016

Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying (W. Clement Stone)

This quotation absolutely represents what has happened at PT. Antex Jaya Exim. Going back to USA for exhibiting at Last Vegas Market Summer Season 2016 (July 31 – August 4, 2016), once again has proved that Antex Jaya Exim is accepted by US market. Exhibiting under the name of Indonesian Pavilion from Indonesian Trade Ministry, PT. Antex Jaya Exim confidently introduces its new collections. Repeating the great success of Last Vegas Market Winter Season 2016 with even greater success as the Indonesian trade delegation, PT. Antex Jaya Exim successfully expands its market to USA. This journey completely adds the great history of PT. Antex Jaya Exim’s achievements.

Antex Jaya Exim spoils the customers with wide ranging of teak root furniture and has started to develop its product by combining with some other materials such as natural wicker. Bringing some collections of wicker products and teak root furniture, PT. Antex Jaya Exim totally attracted US customers. It’s proved that something classy, like teak root furniture, is not always considered as odd, but can be considered as something unique which can exist in modern era. Talking about something classic, we also offer you our becoming-trend finishing, called “Rustic”. This kind of finishing will give you the sense of vintage, but you can be sure that our teak root and rustic product will not give you the sense of awkward. Nevertheless, these kinds of furniture will add the value of beauty to your home.

Our teak root sets’ appearance successfully attract US customers to visit our booth. They say that those are very nice to be placed inside their house and also their terrace. Since it is naturally designed by God, each piece of product is very unique and artistic. That is why this teak root furniture is so special and still exists in this era.

With its great success in satisfying and expanding its market to USA, PT. Antex Jaya Exim is more than ready to serve and reach its worldwide customers. We are sure that you can get your desire furniture here. And at last, we warmly welcome for those who want to have cooperation with us.

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