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In February 17, 2016

Antex Jaya Exim, one of the leading garden furniture manufacturers in Indonesia, finally took one step ahead. Not easily being satisfied by our great achievement in 2015 after we joined IFFS in Singapore and SPOGA in Germany, we exhibited at Las Vegas Market, the biggest International furniture fair in USA, for the first time. People say “first time” is never easy, but we got many supports that made our first exhibition in Las Vegas successful.

Being the only delegate of Indonesian Trade and Promotion Center Los Angeles under Indonesian Ministry of Trade encouraged us to give our best and new products at the fair. This special chance is the proof that our company is a trustworthy, experienced and professional Indonesian furniture company so the Indonesian Ministry of Trade sent us to exhibit in USA starting from January 24th until January 28th 2016.

The new products that we brought were specially designed and produced by our skilled craftsmen to fit in the USA’s market. And it totally succeeds! We received many positive feedbacks.

“Is it the price for the whole set? Are you kidding? It’s really cheap!”

“Is it teak wood? Wow, it’s so beautiful. I love the chairs.”

“I like the color of the set.”

“It’s so comfy to sit here.”

Those responses are only some examples of how the visitors and buyers said when they came to our booth and saw our products. Almost all of them have the same point of views that our products has good quality, great color, smooth surface, strong construction, beautiful design and of course has very good price. These new customers of ours positively trust us since they directly see how well our products. We are happy that our customers enjoyed having meeting with us. Therefore, we would like to send our deepest gratitude and appreciation for the time spent with us and the easy going-prospective discussions.  Treating our customers as our own friends even though it was our first meeting made them comfortable discussing and wanting to have business cooperation with us. At the end, our products, experience, and service create customer’s confidence to have business cooperation with us.

We are so happy seeing that our decision to join this fair is a very great path for improving our company to achieve our motto, “The World’s In Our Hands”. Europe, Middle East and USA have been written in our list, now we are ready to add many other countries in our list and of course we are ready to serve you, wherever you are, around the world. So, be prepared, PT. Antex Jaya Exim has been starting to expand its wings to your country. See you at the next fairs and let’s shake our hands there to build strong, mutual and long term cooperation.

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